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Nissan Motor Co. is partnering with Kobe Steel, Ltd. The Japanese automaker is planning to use Kobenable Steel for Nissan models starting from January 2023 onwards. Kobe Steel will also supply the automaker with aluminum sheets made from green aluminum raw materials, and it will be the first time that Kobe Steel’s products will be used in mass-production vehicles. 

With the aim to achieve carbon neutrality through products’ entire life cycle by 2050, Nissan’s taking a big step next year, and putting green metals in its vehicles. Up to 60 percent of a vehicle’s weight is made up of steel parts and around 10 percent of its weight is made up of aluminum parts, according to Nissan’s press statement. The use of these green materials will be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process, part of the beginning of the vehicle’s life cycle. 

We can expect that the new raw materials used by Nissan to make its products will be up to the same standards of quality that Nissan puts out for every vehicle. 

Kobenable Premier steel is said to reduce 100 percent of CO2 emissions during its manufacturing process. The company employs a mass balance method in the production process, which is what Nissan will be using for its products, the amount of which is to be determined through further discussions. 

Meanwhile, the green aluminum that Kobe Steel produces will be sold to Nissan in aluminum sheets, which are electrolytically smelted with electricity generated by solar power. The smelting process reduces carbon emissions by about 50 percent compared to Nissan’s old supplier. From ingots to sheets, Kobe Steel also touts that recycled materials generated at Nissan’s manufacturing sites will also be reused to further reduce its carbon footprint during production. 

Nissan will be well on its way to its goal by 2050, especially since it is starting now. Other manufacturers are also working on green sources of raw materials that employ the use of green energy and renewable sources of raw materials. 

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