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Having your vehicle in storage can actually be detrimental to it. Cars are designed to run and if they aren’t driven regularly their components can actually begin to breakdown over time. Luckily Nissan Philippines has six tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape during the enhanced community quarantine.

Nissan Car Care tip 1

Keeping your vehicle clean when not in use will make sure your paint will not get faded over time. This is especially important for those who park their cars outside as your vehicles will be exposed to the sun and other elements. You can also opt to use a car cover to save you from having to clean your car often.

Nissan Car Care tip 2

Nissan suggests that you fill your vehicle’s gas tank to full or at least half its capacity. In this manner, it will prevent moisture from developing leading to the rust build up in your fuel system. Don’t worry about your fuel turning into varnish as modern fuel has a shelf life of 3-5 years.

Nissan Car Care tip 3

If your car will remain parked for quite some time it is recommended that you inflate your tires to the recommended pressure to lessen the risk of the sidewalls cracking and flat spots forming. You can find your recommended tire pressures on the driver’s side door sill. Nissan also recommends that you move your car forwards and backward from time to time to lessen the risk of damaging your tires.

Nissan Car Care tip 4

Make sure to keep your vehicle parked in a safe covered area. You can also optionally protect it with a car cover. In doing so this will protect your car from bumps, scratches, dirt, and harsh sunlight that could damage your paint. It is also recommended that you keep your car free from animal droppings and loose leaves as these may damage your paint and clog important drain holes. 

Nissan Car Care tip 5

Car batteries are designed to keep your car's system running, and as such, they will tend to lose charge over time due to the car drawing a bit of electricity to keep these systems ready for when you need to start them. A battery will eventually lose its charge if the car is not driven at least every few weeks. Nissan recommends that you start your car every 3-4 days for at least 10-15mins to keep the battery refreshed. The Japanese brand also states that for manual transmission vehicles it is important to depress the clutch pedal several times in order to prevent it from sticking. Running the air conditioner with the blower on will also help keep your vents free from dust or foreign particles. Nissan also recommends that you use a wire or plastic brush to clean dust and dirt from the battery and its terminals every time you start your vehicle.

Nissan Car Care tip 6

When entering long term storage avoid engaging the foot brake or handbrake for long periods as these components might get stuck with the rotor’s surface. For those who have a manual transmission vehicle, Nissan states that you can leave your vehicle in First or Reverse gear instead of using the handbrake. For those with automatic transmission vehicles you can opt to leave it in Park instead. The use of wheel chocks (Kalso) is also recommended as it can prevent your car from rolling without the need to apply the brakes.

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