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Nissan introduces its new ProPILOT golf ball. The golf ball takes concepts from the Nissan ProPILOT 2.0 driver assistance technology, which is also set to debut on the new Skyline. It is scheduled for launch in November in Japan. 

The system is designed for ramp-to-ramp highway driving. The ProPILOT 2.0 system engages with the vehicle’s navigation system. It then maneuvers the car according to a predefined route on designated roadways. The system is the first in the world to combine this with hands-off driving capability, this takes the strain off the driver while cruising in a single lane on the highway.

For the golf ball, it supports golfers by following a predefined route to its goal. Players can rest easy and watch as the ball reaches its target effortlessly after each putt, using the technology influenced by Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility. The ball navigates its way across the green and into the cup on the first putt, providing a stress-free golf experience.

The system works through the use of an overhead camera. The camera detects the position of the ball and the cup. When the ball is hit, a monitoring system calculates the correct route based on the ball’s movement and the ball will follow the computer’s designated route for it. The ball will stay en route until it reaches the cup. Through this system, even novices will feel like pros.

If what Nissan states are correct then the technology from the golf ball will be similar to that of what will come with the new Skyline. The concept should roughly be the same. The navigation system will determine the route and the distance of the car between it and its goal. A camera that is mounted on or inside the car will help monitor the vehicle’s progress on its way to the goal. It will also help the vehicle navigate through the traffic on the highway.

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