NLEX business permit suspended by Valenzuela Mayor

Valenzuela Mayor, Rex Gatchalian, recently suspended the business permit and business operations of NLEX within the city. This is apparently due to the faulty EasyTrip radio frequency identification (RFID) system of the company. The technical issue has then caused motorists to experience massive traffic, particularly in Valenzuela.

To further discuss the situation, NLEX Corporation has then requested 15 days to resolve this matter as addressed by the Mayor. In the letter, it was stretched by Mr. Gatchalian that the company's RFID system has been faulty, moreover, the letter sent by NLEX did not meet the City Hall's request for concrete action plans and solutions. In order to take responsibility for the RFID systems ongoing issues, the company was given until December 7, 5:00 PM.

The marked deadline has already passed and the city has already suspended the business permit and business operations of NLEX in Valenzuela City. Notably, Mayor Gatchalian himself even made an effort of going to the toll gates within Valenzuela City and then served the suspension. Therefore, with this being effective already, toll collection or any other fees are therefore restricted on toll gates situated within city limits. 

On the other hand, do take note that this suspension does not cover other toll plazas located in other cities or municipalities such as NLEX Balintawak. A toll-free holiday in Valenzuela is therefore expected unless the highway operator might formulate suitable solutions for the technical difficulties being experienced with the EasyTrip RFID system. That said, NLEX can't charge motorists with the P58 entry fee in Valenzuela, given that the following barriers are to be left open, and the sensors also turned off. Let’s hope for any further updates and see if NLEX will finally resolve this conflicting issue with its cashless system and finally satisfy the impending demands of the Mayor.

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