Gas roll back

Oil and fuel prices have been a hot topic, especially for motorists who are seeking relief from the all-time high prices of recent months. Since January of 2022, the country has been experiencing weekly changes in fuel prices and only in the past few weeks has the pricing seen a downtrend making it more affordable for those needing to fuel up.

While this is a good thing, the actual cause of this sudden affordability has yet to be determined. Numerous factors have been cited as to why, however, most experts are pointing to this sudden affordability in fuel to the recent lockdown in China. 

With that said the question arises, will the price of fuel continue to fall in the next few weeks or will there be another series of price hikes to be expected in the future?

The Department of Energy (DOE), says it has the answer, according to Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla, the department forecasts that prices may continue to drop in the coming weeks and months. Which is a good thing for consumers at the pump.

On the oil price forecast, we would have to go by the forecast of the Development Budget Coordination Committee which in the macro-economic forecast is the basis for the budget and I think if I’m not mistaken, oil prices are on the decline.

While all of this may seem good at face value, we have to remember that these are just forecasts and are subject to change at any given moment. However, the fact still remains that the price of fuel and oil is still subject to a number of factors such as supply and demand as well as regional and global production capabilities as well as the general stability of regions that supply oils to countries like the Philippines. In the meantime, all we can do is hope that the forecasts are correct and that they stay true. 

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