Toyota Yaris

Japan is a country where both motorsports and drama series’ thrive. So it’s no surprise that the Japanese, being the innovative people they are, come up with an original movie that combines both.

Titled Over Drive, the movie revolves around a hotshot egotistic young driver named Naozimi Hiyama and his elder brother and mechanic Atushiro.

Naozimi and his team (including his brother) are trying to win the fictional Seiko Cup Rally Series (SCRS), wherein its winner will advance to the World Rally Championship (WRC). But his troublesome attitude and constant quarrels with his brother causes problems for their team and sponsors.

This movie directed by the man behind the film adaptation of the anime Assassination Classroom, Eiichiro Hasumi, boasts scenes with hair-raising rally action. True enough, some of its scenes are inspired by the WRC stages and, yes, it comes complete with real rally cars, dirt courses, high jumps, crashes, and of course, a love story. 

Some clips even show the involvement of Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR), the brand’s motorsport arm currently participating in the WRC. Maybe that’s why the main protagonists are using a Toyota Yaris?

The film shines a bit of light on the hard work team engineers and mechanics give each race, fixing and setting up cars in a matter of hours.

Sadly, the movie Over Drive won’t be shown here in the Philippines. But we can sure all wait for it to be released in DVD soon.

For now, let’s enjoy the high flying cars on the trailer below.

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