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The move to go full assault on SUVs and crossovers have been out for years, with sales trends pointing towards a more profitable market in the segment where ground clearance and beefy looks matter the most. That takes effect on premium brands, too. Porsche has the Cayenne and Macan, while Maserati has the Levante. These brands have been known to make high-performance sports cars and yet, that didn't stop them from going into the family vehicle segment. It’s not a setback for these companies, though, as the combination of performance and practicality has been proven to be something that isn’t too far-fetched.

Supercar-maker Lamborghini is no exception to that. While you may know the Italian marque as a brand that makes poster-worthy cars, it eventually gave in to what the market dictates – launching its own take on raised vehicles. Before 2017 ended, Lamborghini launched the Urus “Super SUV” which was an indication that the marque took the word “super” seriously even in its supposed family-friendly cars.

A 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo gasoline engine resides under the hood, making the Urus one of the fastest and most powerful SUVs out there, capable of producing 650 hp and 850 Nm of torque. With these figures, it can go from 0-100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 305 km/h.

To give you an idea as to how overqualified these figures are, the Porsche Cayenne S is 40 km/h short with its top speed against the Urus. Its 434-hp power plant can only push the SUV to 100 km/h from standstill in 5.2 seconds. The top-spec Maserati Levante S, on the other hand, only has 424 hp under its hood and has the same acceleration rate as the Cayenne S. I may have used the word “only” incorrectly in this paragraph as these are solid numbers, but compared to the Urus, they’re puny.

With these numbers on paper (and by watching some amazing videos of the Super SUV on Youtube), we collectively wished for one thing when the Urus came out globally – we want to see one or better yet, get our hands on one. To our luck, PGA Cars, the exclusive importer of Lamborghini cars in the Philippines, seems to be in the mood to grant one of those wishes.

Take a look at the snapshot below:

What you see here is the Lamborghini showroom in BGC that’s undergoing renovation as of date, and it just basically confirmed that PGA Cars is going to bring the Urus here pretty soon. We’re just waiting for the official invite for its launch but we’re guessing it will arrive sometime in October. Now, hope the company grants the second wish, too, if it isn't too much to ask.

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