2020 Toyota Supra Philippines Brakes

The Toyota GR Supra being sold in the Philippines has recently been issued a recall for a fault in the brake assist system as part of an international recall by BMW

As fans know, the sports car is made in collaboration with the German brand and is based on the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform of the BMW Z4. The GR Supra is also made in Europe in BMW’s Magna Steyr plant in Austria. 

As part of a larger, international recall by the BMW brand, the Supra gets a mention as one of the only models affected by the issue. Other models like the Z4 and the ‘M’ range of performance vehicles are part of the initiative. 

The recall notice state that the engine management software may glitch out and cause the loss of the brake assist feature in the vehicle. Drivers need not worry about the braking system, as the brand assures that full mechanical braking remains operational albeit without the brake assist feature. 

Toyota GR Supra

While full braking power and capability are retained in the new GR Supra, the brake assist system allows for the driver to amplify his or her input on the braking pedal to further enhance the braking power of the vehicle. The system will add more brake pressure to the system in the event that the car’s system senses that more force is needed to prevent an accident or to stop on a dime. 

Toyota Motor Philippines stated that there are 176 units of the GR Supra in the country affected by the recall. Units produced between March 29, 2019, to June 5, 2020, will require a visit to the dealership in order to patch the bug in the system. 

Owners will receive this service for free and may check with their dealership if the unit they own was affected by the issue. 

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