Proposed vintage car law provides added protection

House Bill 8244, known as the vintage car bill, is in the works, and if passed, it aims to provide added protection on the importation and use of cars more than 30 years old. The bill  has been filed by Representatives Paul R. Daza, Weslie T. Gatchalian, Enrico A. Pineda, and Faustino Michael Carlos T. Dy III.

Also known as ‘An Act Regulating the Use and Registration of Vintage Automobiles and Other Historical, Classical, or Collector Motor Vehicles, Providing Exemptions and Restrictions on Their Importation and Use, Establishing a Vintage Car Registration and Assessment Office, and Appropriating Funds Therefor’. From the lengthy title alone, the bill already presents its goal rather clearly. Simply, it aims to offer added protection to the importation and use of cars aging more than  30 -years old.

Further inspection would reveal that the bill seeks to put an importation cost cap not exceeding 20% of the purchase price paid by the importer to the seller. Aside from that, it also seeks to grant the registration of right-hand drive vehicles that are produced on or before December 31, 1970, as well as other vintage cars that are intended for motorsports.

A limitation: The vintage vehicles must be in a historically correct condition, or modified only for the sake of safety and efficiency. Special plates will also be assigned to these vintage cars, with usage only to be allowed during Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, unless owners are greeted with registration purposes or inspection to be done by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). 

Lastly, the bill provides for the creation of the Vintage Vehicle Registration and Assessment Office (VVRAO). This agency will serve as a database on vintage vehicles,  and on accredited shops for repair and restoration.

If passed into law , the great heritage of JDM 90’s classics and American Muscles in the Philippines shall be protected, strengthened, and nurtured.

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