Going to PMVICs is now optional for car registration renewal

Motorists will still have to secure either a certificate from emission testing centers or Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs) for vehicle registration, according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque. This gives them the freedom to choose between two of these testing centers. Tthe important thing here is for motorists to acquire the needed certificate in order to process their car registration renewal.

It was just last week when President Rodrigo Duterte, through Harry Roque, affirmed that the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) was no longer mandatory for registration, and it’s no surprise that many motorists welcomed this positive development. While there is no suspension or any further plans of abolishing this system, Malacañang Palace has made it clear that motorists are still required to provide a certificate verified by either emission testing centers or PMVICs.

This is perhaps the reason why PMVICs around the country are still present up to this day. Also, with the MVIS being no longer mandatory, motorists do not have the freedom to just walk in at any LTO office and have their vehicle registration renewed immediately. Instead, the government gave them the option to acquire a verified certificate from either an emission testing center or PMVIC.

While the President has decided not to make motor vehicle inspection mandatory, motorists are still required to submit either emission clearance or MVIS. You could submit either of the two, the emission clearance or the MVIS. However, you must present at least one.

As per Roque, there was a commitment from PMVIC owners to lower their testing fee to P600 from the initial P1,800. Then again, from now on, acquiring a certificate from PMVICs is optional, therefore, giving motorists the freedom to have their vehicle inspected at emission testing centers instead.

Take note that your vehicle must still undergo proper evaluation in at least one of these testing centers in order to renew your car’s registration.

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