PMVICs are facing possible closures

Private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs) have not been doing well these past few months, in fact, these business establishments are currently facing possible closures due to the huge financial loss.

PMVICs are facing possible closures

Last February this year, PMVIC operators agreed with the government in lowering their rates. Specifically, inspecting light vehicles originally cost at P1,800, now, its fee has been decreased to P600 (P672 with VAT). Motorcycles, on the other hand, reduce their rates from P600 to P500 (P560 with VAT).

For comparison sake, private emission testing center (PETC) for both motorcycles and light vehicles, on the other hand, charges P480 inclusive of the VAT. Unlike PMVICs, having your vehicle tested at PETCs usually requires an additional computer fee that usually costs P168.

As per Iñigo Larrazabal, the President of the Vehicle Inspection Centers Operators Association of the Philippines (VICOAP), “things have gone from bad to worse." Despite lowering their fees, the following inspection centers still failed to attract many motorists.

The VICOAP is suspecting the widespread disinformation campaign done by some segments who are against the PMVICs’ 70-point inspection. Larrazabal pointed out that many could have instilled in the minds of motorists that it’s better to have their vehicle checked at a PETC.

Sources consistently say that the alleged ‘no-show’ scheme at PETCs has become prevalent over the past months. Larrazabal, however, refused to comment on the illicit practice. With that, some senators even filed a resolution seeking the suspension of PMVIC operations given the opposition from motorists.

The program is in danger. We need to correct people’s mindsets. If PMVICs were to close, then what would happen to the safety campaign of our government?

The government is targeting 400 establishments, with 42 PMVICs already operational, while around 20 others are nearing its completion.

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