DOTr to LTO: temporarily put a stop to PMVIC inspection requirement

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) together with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has made an announcement delaying the implementation of the mandatory inspection of private vehicles at private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs). 

The announcement was made by DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade to the LTO to put a hold on the implementation of the memorandum MC-SC-2021-02 which directs all regional offices to adopt the mandatory PMVIC testing under the Geographical Area of Responsibility (GAOR) guidelines.

According to Tugade, this was done due to issues that are still surrounding MC-SC-2021-02 in which he has ordered the LTO to do a thorough review on the policy that the government agency has formulated themselves. Tugade has also asked the agency to maintain its previous process and requirements for registration where motors can choose between having a PMVIC inspection done or just have their vehicles tested at a private emissions testing center instead for their vehicle inspection. 

While the exact issue surrounding the implementation of GAOR policy has not yet been officially revealed, it may likely be due to the current number of PMVICs not being able to keep up with the high demand. An example of this would be in Metro Manila where there are currently only 11 inspection centers that are open to serve the public. While this may seem like a lot these centers may not be able to answer the demand of thousands of motorists. Furthermore, in other parts of the country, the number of PMVICs becomes smaller depending on the region and LTO district, further inhibiting the feasibility of making the inspection system mandatory. 

As the DOTr and the LTO are still ironing out the issues with regards to the PMVICs, it may take some time before it becomes mandatory and an accepted procedure when it comes to vehicle registration. 

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