Aston Martin RapidE

Aside from James Bond’s car, Aston Martin is a brand known for luxury sports cars equipped with V12 engines. However, the British automaker is about to enter a new age that intends to electrify the automotive industry.

Meet the RapidE – a vehicle that’s set to be Aston Martin’s 1st all-electric model.  It will enter production in 2019 and will be limited to 155 units. The RapidE highlights the brand’s low- and zero-emission vehicle strategy under its ‘Second Century Plan.’ We do hope that Mr. Bond knows about this dawn of the new age plan.

Simply put, the ‘Second Century Plan’ is Aston Martin’s strategy for the “ongoing growth and development of the 102-year old sport car maker.” The said strategy is geared towards the development of new products such as the all-electric RapidE.

"RapidE represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin’s values of seductive style and supreme performance don’t merely co-exist alongside a new zero-emission powertrain, but are enhanced by it. RapidE will showcase Aston Martin’s vision, desire and capability to successfully embrace radical change."

RapidE is based on the Rapide AMR concept that was revealed in 2015. From the looks of it, it will feature a 4-door sports car styling along with the familiar Aston Martin front end. The all-electric vehicle is also said to integrate the driving dynamics of the Aston Martin Rapide S.

The electric power unit of the RapidE will be manufactured in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering. Further details about its electric motor are yet to be announced by Aston Martin.

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