Toyota Yaris infotainment system

Aside from car’s practicality and design, the infotainment system has also become one of the factors that customers consider when choosing their preferred car. In this case, it seems like Toyota is now giving in and will be allowing Android Auto to be integrated on its future vehicles.

Yes, Android users may soon be relieved. According to a report from Bloomberg, Toyota has finally agreed to put Android Auto support to its cars, which will be possibly announced this October. This is after the carmaker giant has stated its compatibility with Apple CarPlay last January. Well, it’s better late than never, right?

Meanwhile, when asked about this news, the Japanese brand positively acknowledged the demand for Android Auto installation, however, Toyota’s spokesperson, as well as Google refused to confirm and give further information regarding this matter.

If this would push through, we can’t deny that fact that Toyota’s quite late in this game, but progress is still a progress. Just a brief background, Toyota vehicles could only use SmartDeviceLink before. It’s a telematics system created by Ford Motor Co. which controls the appearance of two platforms and limits their data access. But with the huge possibility of Android Auto system in Toyota cars, those customers who checked the brand off the list due to lack of connectivity might come running back.

The Android infotainment system is compatible with almost 50 different car brands worldwide. It features tech brand’s core applications such as Google Map, Google Assistant and Google Play Store. As of now, Bloomberg Intelligence data says that more than 80% of smartphones use the software from Alphabet Inc.’s Google, while the rest uses Apple’s iOS system. 

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