REWORK in motion: Chevrolet Philippines introduces new plan for better cars and services

Chevrolet Philippines recently gathered its dealership network for the 2024 Chevrolet Dealer Business Conference at the Auto Resources Center in Calamba, Laguna. The big news includes the introduction of the REWORK strategy, led by their new President and CEO, Ms. Maria Fe Perez Agudo, which is the carmaker's new plan to change and improve how Chevrolet works in the Philippines, including its current dealership and service. 

The conference also saw the participation of other influential individuals like Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., the Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Richard L. Lee, the Chairman Emeritus. Established in 2009, Chevrolet Philippines remains the exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet vehicles. 


Under the REWORK plan, the brand will work on improving and supporting relationships with loyal customers and expanding the market reach by acknowledging and addressing customer needs for quality and service among the growing customer base. Moreover, the brand wants to make sure that the cars they sell and the services they offer meet these needs.

"First thing on our agenda is to strengthen our bonds with loyal customers and to broaden our market scope, recognizing and acting upon the diverse demands for quality and service of our growing customer base. Chevrolet Philippines stands on the brink of transformative progress. We assure our customers of products of exceptional quality that will foster customer loyalty, and of offers that mirror their true value. We are proud to support this with a network of service-oriented professionals, all contributing to our customers' enriched Chevrolet experience."

Recognized for its excellence in Vehicle Aftersales Services by J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Chevrolet Philippines appears committed to maintaining outstanding customer service and quality. Ms. Agudo, known for her excellent leadership and experience in the car industry, brings fresh ideas and ways to grow the brand, emphasizing the importance of customer relationships and market expansion.


With the introduction of their new REWORK plan, it seems that Chevrolet's rework is really in motion. Set your plan of bringing home a Chevrolet in motion by exploring the current lineup of Chevrolet vehicles and getting a quote for the car you have your eye on.

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