Honda Passport 2019

Honda recently revealed a more rugged version of its pickup truck the Ridgeline. Its newest iteration brought with it a more macho and athletic vehicle that moves away from its predecessor’s urban-oriented styling. With that in mind, Honda seeks to continue this trend with the rest of its crossovers and SUVs in its US and global lineup. This could mean that more rugged versions of the Honda Passport, Honda Pilot, and possibly the Honda CR-V are in the works and could be coming out soon.

With that in mind, the Vice President of Auto Marketing for American Honda Jay Joseph has reportedly stated that with Honda’s more conservative styling for its vehicles such as the Passport and Pilot it has led to lower sales. With more rugged vehicles trending in the automotive market, the Japanese brand wants to ride the wave and produce more “macho” looking vehicles for their future iterations. Just like the Ridgeline, the aforementioned vehicles will get them ready to go anywhere look with respect to their own unique styling. 

2019 Honda CR-V US

When it comes to the Honda CR-V it is a special case. The Japanese brand doesn’t necessarily need to update it to a more rugged look as its styling formula still works. The crossover is still so popular in fact that it made it as the second best selling SUV in the U.S. in 2019. It is still uncertain if Honda plans to give the CR-V a minor refresh to give it a more tough look or if they will wait for the next generation to officially enact the change. Either way with the Honda CR-V being a seasoned veteran of its segment in the Philippines we expect to see an update for it coming soon. As to when is still a mystery, although it could be one of the two models that Honda Philippines is launching on October 22, 2020. For now, we will just have to wait and see what the Japanese brand has planned for that date.

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