Skyway Stage 3

The San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has officially begun construction of a 1.2-kilometer stretch of road that will connect the 18-kilometer Skyway Stage 3 with the ongoing 8-kilometer NLEX Connector project. With the addition of the new roadway connecting the two elevated expressways, it will make traveling from northern to southern Metro Manila much easier. 

Initially meant to be completed back in December of 2020, the Skyway Stage 3 to NLEX connector road was met with a few hurdles. The first of which was the pending Right-of-Way (ROW) acquisitions and the other was the still ongoing pandemic. President of SMC, Ramon S. Ang states that even with these delays the company is focusing on what is workable in order to mitigate delays caused by the ROW. However, he is confident that the project will be able to be finished within 24 months or less, all depending on how fast the ROW can be completed before by the time the NLEX connector project is completed. 

We’re already mobilizing our contractors to start work in areas that are unobstructed, where we’re permitted to work. We’re also already committing the funds needed to buy the ROW properties, so hopefully, these issues will be resolved the soonest.

That said, with the NLEX connector project set to be completed this year, the plan to finish the 1.2-kilometer linking road within the same time frame is feasible. Once the road has been completed it will serve as a connection point between SLEX and NLEX and will also give better access to those who want to go to the Port of Manila area. It will as come with the added benefit of possibly helping decongest EDSA and will reduce travel time between NLEX to SLEX to an estimated 20 minutes. For now, we will just have to wait and see how the connector project will pan out and if its claims of reducing travel time will indeed be true once completed. 

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