subaru forester e-boxer hybrid singapore motor show

The 2020 Singapore Motor Show is well underway, and with it comes notable launches from several car brands in the Southeast Asians region. One of those brands is Subaru, which spearheaded the event with an official reveal and update to its most important model in the lineup – the Forester.

Now on sale in Singapore, the Subaru Forester e-Boxer hybrid is the electrified version of the compact crossover, which promises the same Subaru driving feel but better fuel consumption. Even better, Mr. Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Tan Chong International Limited, has confirmed in a media interview that it will come to the Philippines this year – specifically in the second half of 2020.

The Forester e-Boxer Hybrid’s design doesn’t deviate from a normal Forester, except for the e-Boxer badge at the rear. What greatly differs, however, is the addition of an electric motor that’s situated near the crossover’s center of gravity. The batteries, on the other hand, are located on top of the rear axle.

With this setup, Subaru promises better-balanced front and rear vehicle weight distribution than the regular Foresters. The company also added that even with the added weight for the electronic components, the strengthened Subaru Global Platform should be enough to keep the brand’s touted driving feel.

The Subaru Forester e-Boxer Hybrid combines the 156 hp and 196 Nm of torque of the 2.0L direct-injection gasoline engine, and the 13.5 hp and 66 Nm of instantaneous torque from the electric motor. If you’re among those who miss the turbocharged XT in the Forester lineup, then the e-Boxer Hybrid should be your pick. It's a great replacement to the former top-spec Forester, sans the thirst for fuel. This should be good news for Subaru fans out there.

subaru forester e-boxer hybrid singapore motor show interior

As for the price, Mr. Tan didn’t disclose any figures yet as the company has yet to discuss the matter internally. But as it stands, hybrid vehicles get an incentive when sold in the Philippines, so expect (or pray) that it won’t be too much for the Filipino car buyer.

When asked about pricing in general, Mr. Tan said that it’s pointless to compete with other brands in this regard. He even mentioned that the prices of Subaru cars in the Philippines will meet an imminent increase. The plan, however, is to put more value into these cars in terms of safety, technology, and in this case, a hybrid powertrain. For starters, the EyeSight is already a great feature to have in a car, along with other several safety features that Subaru cars are known for.

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