Subaru Forester I-L

Subaru through its exclusive distributor in the country, Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc., is celebrating the Tanabata Festival on July 1 to 9, 2017. 

Translated to "Star Festival," the tradition is celebrated in observance of an alignment of the stars. Legend says that wishes written on bamboo trees during this day will be granted. 

As part of the Tanabata Festival celebration, the Forester I-L will be offered with a down payment of as low as P98,000. Interested individuals can also save P200,000 plus free Aero Kit for the XV. In addition, Subaru is offering up to P100,000 discount for the Levorg with a Pure Red exterior paint.   

So from July 1 to 9, Subaru will be granting its customers' wishes for special deal offers.

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