Suzuki Jimny five-door version

Suzuki is still working on a few surprises this month. Although they recently unveiled the five-door Jimny in India a few weeks ago, Suzuki teased an electrified version of the plucky mini SUV as part of its massive investment program.

Earlier this month, Suzuki unveiled the brand's first production EV with the eVX concept which marks Suzuki’s first step into electric vehicles. Much later, it turns out that Suzuki is not leaving the eVX as just a concept and is fully embracing the shift to electric vehicles with a teaser image detailing their new strategy towards transitioning to full electrification for the global market.

Suzuki Production plan

The brand’s production plan for Europe will include the launch of five new battery-powered models by the year 2030, the first of which will be unveiled by 2024. According to Suzuki’s infographic, Suzuki is expecting about 80 percent of its sales in the European market to come from electric vehicles, with the rest coming from Hybrid Electric vehicles.

Suzuki Jimny Five-door

For now, there is no additional information available to work out what model will come out in the Suzuki pipeline first. However, because of the Jimny-shaped silhouette in the infographic, we can say with full certainty that of the five EVs Suzuki plans on releasing in Europe, an EV Jimny is among those vehicles.

Here in the Philippines, hopes are high that the five-door Jimny will land in the country soon, and with the recently announced government incentives for EV production, an EV Jimny may also not be far off.

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