Toyota's plan to fight off the covid-19 virus

In the spirit of camaraderie and coming together in a time of crisis, Toyota has announced its plans to help the frontliners of the medical community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on its President Akio Toyoda's policy to be "mindful of the feelings of those in the midst of this pandemic, reach conclusions more swiftly, make prompt decisions, and take immediate action faster than ever focusing on safety and security as the highest priorities," the Japanese brand will do what it can to support medical professionals.

Toyota will help by utilizing its global supply chain and use its know-how of manufacturing and logistics in the fight against the virus. As such the Japanese company and its group companies will be implementing the following strategies to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Toyota will now be producing medical face shields to help frontliners. In order to help with the current shortage of medical face shields, the Japanese brand will be producing injection molded and 3D-printed face shields. This will be done at the brand’s Teiho plan in Japan. Preparations for production are already underway as the plant is expected to produce at least 500 to 600 face shields per week.

In response to the request from the Japanese government  Toyota will be working with medical equipment manufacturers to integrate the automotive brand’s Toyota Production System. In order to make this happen Toyota will be creating a support team that will be dispatched to medical companies that are struggling to increase their production of medical equipment. 

Toyota is also considering helping out with transportation needs. The Japanese brand plans to use its vehicles to help transport people from their homes to medical facilities or quarantine areas. The move was done in order to help suppress the transmission of the virus through the use of public transportation. The Japanese brand will also aid with the development of a cure with its partner brands as well.

It will also develop region-specific plans in order to quicken the development of a cure for the Coronavirus as well as help with plans for economic recovery. On top of this Toyota will be putting up initiatives to improve company structure through these trying times. 

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