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Toyota has introduced new and improved powertrains, designed to complement its TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. The new powertrains are said to deliver better fuel economy and lower emission.

The Japanese automaker explained that the TNGA platform enable its cars to have a low-stance design, yielding a lower center of gravity, which will give better suspension, stability, and handling. The TNGA platform was first previewed at the 2016 Prius.  

Going back to the topic at hand, Toyota revealed a new 2.5L gasoline engine as part of a range which the automaker dubbed as “Dynamic Force Engines.” This power unit features high-speed combustion technology and a variable control system. Toyota added that the 2.5L engine has “one of the world’s best thermal efficiencies,” 40% in gasoline-powered cars and 41% in hybrid vehicles.

Aside from the 2.5L engine, Toyota has announced 2 new “Direct Shift” automatic transmissions – 8-speed and 10-speed. These new automatic transmissions are designed to have low levels of friction when the gears engage. Moreover, Toyota claims the new 8- and 10-speed ATs are smaller and lighter as compared to conventional transmissions.   

On the other hand, the plug-in hybrid powertrains are also revamped and now features a dual-mode drive system which allows the electric motor to power or drive the wheels. The lithium-ion battery has also been improved by increasing its cruising or electric range to 60 km or more.  

Toyota plans to deploy the new powertrains starting 2017. The brand also plans to introduce 17 versions of 9 new engines by 2021. However, we have yet to find out when will Toyota’s new engine arrive in the Philippines.

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