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When the 2020 Toyota Supra came out, specifically its four-pot variant, rumors about the demise of the 86 nameplate surfaced. It seems likely, though, considering that the lower variant Supra has even less horses than the current-generation 86.

However, Toyota Australia’s public affair manager Brodie Bott was quick to put out the flame to the speculation in his interview with Australia’s GoAuto. According to the executive, the next-generation 86 is already underway, refuting the rumors completely.

Bott admitted that when the rumors about the 86’s demise came out, the Toyota bosses talked amongst each other to discuss the issue, to which they confirmed the future of the sports coupe.

“I don’t know where these reports have come from, but at this stage, we are certainly not looking to discontinue it, it’s a pretty important car for us and it will be the little brother to the Supra,” he said, speaking to GoAuto Australia.

So, yes, there would be a successor to the 86 and apparently, the Toyota chiefs have already seen it, too, but probably in sketches. Bott didn’t share any detail about the second-generation coupe, though.

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The confirmation of the all-new 86 fortifies the initial report about an upcoming trifecta of Toyota sports cars which includes the Supra, the 86, and a smaller coupe that will slot below the 86.

However, this confirmation also brings forth a lot of questions. First, will the next-generation 86 still be co-developed with Subaru? What will be its power ratings, considering that the entry-level Supra has a tad less power than the current 86? Lastly, will the third Toyota sports coupe be an MR2 or a Celica? Guess this is a developing story we need to keep an eye on.

Source: GoAuto

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