Toyota partners with Grab

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) announced a big partnership with the leading ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia, Grab. This partnership, including TMP’s affiliate Toyota Financial Services Philippines (TFSPH), started out as an initiative to give micro-entrepreneurs easier ways to secure their vehicles. 

Toyota and Grab are two leading ventures in the Philippines; in the automotive industry and ride-hailing service, respectively. Aside from taxis and jeepneys, Filipinos commute using the Grab app, especially since Uber Philippines had left the picture. Toyota sees this as a major opportunity to provide Filipino entrepreneurs better business. 

With the partnership laid on the table, Toyota pledges to offer car replacements and easy ownership packages for existing Grab operators. Among the perks are great values with trade-in offers, considerably cheap TFSPH financing deals, an inclusive Easy Maintenance Package of up to 80,000 km, special discounts on batteries, aircon cleaning, and car detailing.  

Aside from the aforementioned, there will also be bonus privileges for eligible Grab drivers. They may also enjoy benefiting from the Toyota Sure Advantage of quality, durability, reliability, and worry-free vehicle ownership. 

TMP said existing Grab drivers will receive notifications thru the Grab app when this offer is already up and running. Soon, there’s a great possibility that we could see tons of Vios, Avanza, or even Innova Grab units (we mean, more of them) on the road. This could be a great strategy for Toyota and Grab, consider the proposed time aspiring Grab drivers could save once the offer is already being implemented. Owning a car and making money out of it could now be as easy as it sounds. 

Toyota is considered to be the leading car brand in the Philippines. As to how some people say it, Toyota parts are easy to find. And, aside from their vehicles being affordable, their services also satisfy a vast majority Filipino car owners.

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