Toyota Altis and Prius C at Don bosco

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) continues its efforts to educate the public on the benefits of electric vehicles by staging another of its Hybrid Campus tour legs in Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong. The whole day event marks the first time the all-new Corolla Altis hybrid variant was offered for public test drives following its introduction into the market this year.

Toyota Altis Hybrid and Prius C don bosco

A total of 465 students from different fields join in on three batches of educational seminars about vehicle electrification. It marks the highest participation to date of the Hybrid Campus Tour series since its start in March 2019. Toyota’s technical experts also gave experimental lessons to the students and faculty. It was done through a whole day test drive activity inside the school grounds. Almost 50 students signed up to try both the Prius C and Corolla Altis Hybrid variant.

Toyota’s initiative reflects the global shift to cleaner energy sources and addresses the numerous crises we are experiencing now.

Arevalo further adds that from energy conservation, transportation, and global warming, TMP wants to make sure that the local branch of the Japanese automaker is doing its part for a sustainable future.

Don Bosco students Toyota Campus Tour

Students and faculty members of the Mechanical Engineering Architecture, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, and Aviation Mechanical Technology were all able to experience the company’s hybrid technology. On top of this, even student-trainees from Don Bosco’s Technical Vocational courses were also given the chance to drive the hybrid vehicles around. They were also able to discover the inner workings of how both models function both as a vehicle and as a hybrid. Aside from the hybrid vehicles, the students were also treated to interactive displays and exhibits. Notable attractions were the stationary bike charger and multimedia showcases.

The director of Don Bosco Technical College Winston Dereje states that the partnership between the school and Toyota will help the students understand the science behind the hybrid technology and how it helps the environment. As the Philippines is entering the hybrid age, it is key that future technicians have a grasp of how the technology works.

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