Possibly the new altis?

In a previous report, we let you guess what car Toyota could be launching in August. It turned out to be the Hiace Super Grandia. Now with its launch fast approaching, it looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has another surprise in store. Toyota could be launching another all-new model this coming September 9, 2019. In an official email sent to us by the company, it said that it would be “redefining a well-loved model.” This could mean anything from giving an existing model a facelift, to a completely new generation of a vehicle finally entering the market.

Speculations are still up in the air about what this new model could be. But there are, however, strong signs that could point to the new Corolla Altis finally being launched on September 9. It's one of Toyota’s longest-running and, err, well-loved nameplates in the country and is up for some redefining. The current 11th generation has already gone through a facelift and is fast approaching the end of its model life cycle. The Corolla Altis has gone through 11 generations globally and the Philippines has seen at least eight of these generations in the local automotive market. The 12th generation has already launched in other countries and is also set to launch in select ASEAN countries.

If it is the Corolla Altis that is to be launched, it is unknown if TMP will bring in the sedan and hatchback, or just the sedan. This could be similar to what it did with the 11th generation corolla as it was launched in the Philippines without a hatchback variant. There is also a hybrid version available in other countries but there is no word if it will launch along with the 12th generation Corolla. Transmission options are also unknown but it looks like the CVT option is here to stay. There is no word yet if there will be a manual transmission variant to enter the Philippine market but other countries already have it in 6-speed manual form.

Official engine options are still unknown but if the specs are similar to that of other countries the Corolla Altis might come with a 1.6 and a 1.8 liter naturally aspirated gas engine. The new 1.6-liter could be a derivative of the current generation 1ZR but with a slight bump in power and torque. Toyota could also just transfer over the existing 1.6 and 2.0 engines to the new models. 

What is known, however, are the dimensions of the 12th-gen Corolla.  The Corolla will be 4,640 mm long, 1,780 mm wide, and 1,435 mm tall. This makes it 10 mm longer, 5 mm wide, and 45 mm lower than the outgoing model. 

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