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Toyota Motor Philippines has revealed that it plans to offer a new mobile app for customers.  The app aims to streamline the process of ownership as well as the maintenance of Toyota vehicles. This helps with buyer convenience as it integrates smartphones into the ownership experience. As smartphones become more common and cheaper, it becomes easier to integrate them into our daily lives. Toyota has recognized this, especially during the age of free Facebook and affordable internet promos.

The app in question is designed to make looking up product specifications, dealer directories, aftersales support, and buying genuine Toyota accessories much easier. In this manner, the customer doesn’t physically need to go to a dealership to set up an appointment. The same can be said for dealership directories as the customer doesn’t need a computer to look for them. Instead, they can easily find the nearest dealership to them with the application instead.

Toyota Mobile app

We assume that the same can be said for genuine parts and accessories as the customer can look through an online catalog similar to that of other online shopping applications. This way, customers can see if the accessory they want or the part that they need for their car is available. If not, they can scope out other dealerships that may have what they want.

Not much else is known about the app especially about the layout and if it will be available on both the Apple App Store or Google Play anytime soon. What we could get from the limited information shown by Toyota during a media gathering was that the app could use Facebook or a Google account as a means of registration. 

Even if the application is still not available for download, it shows that Toyota is moving forward with customers in mind. With that kind of mindset, it’s not hard to understand why Toyota is still at the top when it comes to sales in the Philippines.

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