Toyota Century SUV

True to their word, Toyota has officially unveiled to the world the Century SUV, the most luxurious SUV Toyota has ever made in history. Like the sedan version, the SUV is also only known by the name Century, and if it seems awfully large in the images, that’s because it is. In its hometown of Japan, orders for this bad boy have officially started at ¥25 million JPY, which we’ve worked out is around P9,641,178, or in other words, a ton of cash. 

Aside from the price, the other daunting thing about the Century SUV is its size. The SUV spans a substantial length of 5205 mm, a width of 1990 mm, and stands tall at 1805 mm. In comparison to the Century sedan, it is shorter but broader, and weirdly, can only accommodate four passengers instead of five. The wheelbase measures 2950 mm, while in the weight department, the Century is tipping the scales at a substantial 2,570 kg.

Moving on to the looks, the new Century SUV showcases a distinct exterior design that blends classic opulence with modern aesthetics. According to Toyota, the Century SUV possesses a "majestic and dignified" body design. Looking at it, the body shape of the SUV certainly gives it a more macho appearance, with straight lines and conservative use of curvature. 

At the front, the SUV commands attention with its split LED headlights along with the iconic grille design that has become inseparable from the Century nameplate. As we move to the side, passengers are welcomed by gracefully designed door panels and substantial alloy wheels. While the rear doors are traditional ones instead of the suicide doors we’ve gotten used to with other luxury cars, Toyota has shown that there is a sliding door option available. Interestingly, the sliding door option was demonstrated on a Century SUV in a GR-badged variant so a high-performance version could be on the horizon.

Step inside the Century SUV, and you'll be welcomed by sumptuous leather upholstery adorning fully reclining rear seats. Unlike traditional rear benches, the Century SUV opts for a more exclusive setup, accommodating only two rear passengers due to its expansive center console. Toyota has not given the full list of features but we can expect amenities like heated massage seats, an in-car fridge as well as a slew of in-car entertainment.

At the front, the cockpit showcases a fully digital instrument cluster and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Similar to the exterior badges, the steering wheel's center cap displays an engraved phoenix emblem, showing the Century's rich heritage. The interior features continue with a prominent touchscreen display at the center, LED ambient lighting accentuating the door panels, a distinctive center console featuring an electro-mechanical gear selector, and an array of buttons thoughtfully designed for various in-vehicle functions.

Toyota Century SUV Rear

Powering the Century SUV is a plug-in hybrid powertrain centered around a 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with a CVT and all-wheel drive, courtesy of a rear-mounted electric motor. This configuration delivers a combined output of 406 hp. This model will be available through select dealerships in Japan, with Toyota planning to extend its customizability options to create truly unique and personalized builds. For the people wondering if the Century SUV succeeds the Century sedan, the answer is no. Toyota says they will sell the SUV alongside the Century sedan.

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