Eight years and 2 sequels have passed, and that fierce battle is still being waged, and amidst all the action, the chaotic destruction, and the bewilderingly awesome graphical works of art, one car brand became an icon and have seen it all from day 1, the Chevrolet. Chevy took the scenes by storm, and has established itself as an automotive action hero of the 21st century. As we all know, a couple of Chevy Camaros portrayed Bumblebee’s role in the 2007 – an old 1976 Camaro and a new sleek yet still muscular fifth generation Camaro.

In the second instalment (Revenge Of The Fallen, 2009), not one, but five Chevy cars have become virtual action stars. These were the fifth-gen Camaro for Bumblebee, the Chevy Volt playing as Jolt, the Chevy Trax as Mudflap, the Chevy Beat as Skidz, and the concept Chevy Corvette Stingray as Sideswipe. By the third sequel (Dark Of The Moon, 2011), the same line-up of Chevy cars, except for the Chevy Volt, made a return, with redesign cosmetic details, including the Corvette Stingray which reappeared as a convertible.

It is now June 2014, and things are brewing up for the release of the fourth instalment in the highly-successful mecha-action Hollywood movie franchise. The movie, being dubbed as the “Transformers: Age Of Extinction”, features a completely new vibe to spice up the action even further. Aside from the new cast of human protagonists, a refreshed take on the robot characters were done, and yes, Chevy once again makes a heroic re-re-re-appearance. For the second time around, two kinds of Chevy Camaros will take on the role of Bumblebee – a 1967 Camaro SS and a 2014 Camaro Concept, which is meaner in terms of aesthetics, yet still possesses a masculine aura it is well-known for. Along with those, a wicked-looking street-tuner modified 2014 Chevy Corvette C7 Stingray will be a major character as well, playing the role of Crosshairs, this time (Missing Sideswipe, huh? We do, too.) The Chevy Trax will also be in the 4th movie, and capping the Chevrolet line-up is a Rally Racing Modified Chevy Sonic, which is rumoured to be just an ordinary (non-Transformer) race car of the leading male protagonist character played by Mark Wahlberg, although knowing the franchise’s prowess of creating “Robots in Disguise”, we will never know until we sit back, buckle up and ROLL OUT for the film’s global release this June.

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