VW ID Code

Volkswagen presents another vehicle potentially joining its ID line at the Beijing Auto Show, and it's more than just your run-of-the-mill compact crossover concept. Of course, at a glance, you’d think that the ID.Code is another futuristic-looking concept built to cater to the electric car market. The body is sleek, unassuming, and has the smooth-flowing curves that you’d expect from an EV concept. What sets it apart from other EV concepts that have come and gone is the kind of tech it's packing.

Let’s start with its interactive lighting system—the ID.Code is equipped with a trio of systems consisting of the Light Cloud, 3D Eyes, and Light Screen lighting systems. Starting with 3D Eyes, this feature works in conjunction with the Light Cloud and Light Screen system by serving as the car’s eyes which activates the two systems above when it senses the driver or an authorized user near it.

VW ID Code Exterior

Once it activates, the Light Screen will play a visual and acoustic welcome scenario and present its passengers with the weather forecast. In addition, if another car lets you pass or make your turn, the Light Screen can display images as a show of gratitude. Meanwhile, the Light Cloud is a strip of LEDs located between the headlights on the vehicle's nose. This strip, comprising 967 LEDs, can dynamically form U-shaped "eyes," providing the illusion of the vehicle looking in various directions.

VW ID Code Rear

Volkswagen has also equipped the ID.Code with a feature called Smart Windows. These innovative windows feature designated areas on the glass that can showcase an avatar resembling a human. As you approach, the avatar can engage in conversation, adding a personalized touch to your interaction with the vehicle.

In addition, the ID.Code is also capable of Level 4 autonomous driving thanks to an array of sensors and cameras. This advanced technology enables drivers to completely hand over control to the vehicle, affording them the luxury of unwinding. In fact, Volkswagen says the driver’s seat can spin 180 degrees so drivers can chat with other passengers.

VW ID Code Interior

As for the interior, the cabin is likened to a cozy "mobile living space," adorned with eco-conscious and cruelty-free materials. Volkswagen emphasizes that the sound system, ambient lighting, and climate control are designed to evoke the opulence of a "private jet" experience. 

Currently, the ID.Code remains solely a conceptual vehicle. Details regarding its powertrain, range, and other mechanical specifications are still under wraps. Plus, Volkswagen has yet to mention any plans to put the ID.Code into production, so we’ll have to wait if technology like the Light Screen, Light Cloud, and 3D Eyes will make it to production.

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