There's an unconscious (sometimes, conscious) dilemma going on in terms of letting go of your old 1990s car. Of all the possible reasons, maybe those cars are like mementos with special memories attached to it.  

Locally, you can still see 20-year old cars running on the road. While those cars are well maintained and all, there’s one aspect that you should consider - safety. To get an idea of what we’re trying to say, take a look at the crash test video below featuring a 1998 and a 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Get the image? As much as you want to keep your old car for sentimental reasons, the video shows you a good reason why you should upgrade to a brand new car

If purchasing a brand new car is currently out of your budget, you could also shop for 5-year old second hand cars. At least, these cars are equipped with better safety features as compared to 20-year old models. To put things in perspective, you can get a decent second hand car that’s priced under P500,000.   

Yes, your Toyota ‘Big Body’ Corolla or Mitsubishi ‘Itlog’ Lancer can still do the job of transporting you from point A to B, but how safe are you when you get into a car accident? Can sentimental value afford safety? You be the judge.

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