Toyota Hilux followed by a squad of Tamiya Bruisers

We have seen a macho man pull a full-size truck in TV and it’s cringingly amusing, but not a band of RC cars pull a real life pickup truck. Toyota Europe has found a way to entertain us with a remake video from Tamiya’s commercial in the 80’s – and it’s so satisfying to watch.

In this episode of Toyota's ‘Little and Large’ video series, the Japanese automaker showed how many of these small Hiluxes are needed to pull real-life model. Talk about ‘teamwork’, the Bruisers taught us a valuable lesson in life – unity.

To justify the act, the video showed each of the gross weight of both vehicles. The little one weighs about 3.2 kg and has 23.2 Nm of torque. With such, each RC truck has a pulling force of 2 kg, which when you multiply by 15, you'll have 30 kg amount of pulling force. But is this value enough to pull a 3.21-ton pickup?

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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