GAC GS4 Grille

GAC is continuing its streak of great models lately, but the brand sent out an invite with some interesting wording. “Join us for a stellar announcement.” It was then we realized that “stellar” could be just company talk since GAC’s currently under the Astara Group. Well played, but we’re still taking that as a hint that a new star will be in the sky on the 20th of June.

However, the first line of the invite says that something is “zooming” our way on June 20, 2023, and by all accounts, zooming means that it is something fast so we’re definitely excited.  

So what will be GAC’s new star? Combing the brand’s website, we were able to pick out a few possible models that could come into the country. GAC Philippines could be looking into introducing something fast, as per its e-mail.

The first guess is that we could be looking at the GAC GS3 Power. An upgrade over the standard GS3, the model features a better engine compared to what we currently have in the lineup. Equipped with GAC’s 270T gasoline engine, the motor is a 1.5-liter turbocharged mill that produces up to 166 hp and 265 Nm of torque, and it comes with a six-speed Aisin transmission. As an option, it sort of fits the bill, and it fills out a small gap in the lineup for GAC, which is a subcompact crossover with a turbo motor, a combo that seems to be very popular in the Philippines at the moment. On top of that, we get updated tech features in this model namely the screens, and the additional styling elements that match the maximum power output that the lineup offers. 

Next up, we have the GA6 Sedan. For quite some time, GAC has been on the back foot when it came to sedans, axing its entire lineup of low-slung models in favor of the industry's favorite body style at the moment, the crossover. It seems possible that the GA6 could be the one that zooms into our market, however, it’s a little unlikely considering that the Empow is already here and it already made a splash. Going from there, however, it seems that a crossover will be more likely to come from GAC, so let's go to the side a bit and look at the GAC GS5. A compact crossover that goes up against the growing segment in the market, the GS5 also has a turbocharged engine like many of its rivals with about 166 hp and 265 Nm of torque and a size that can compete with the likes of the Ford Territory. Does GAC want to go up against the Territory with the GS5, or is the Emkoo more than enough for the brand as it is? 

GAC GS3 Emzoom

However, here is the most likely based on the wording that GAC gave in its invite. The GS3 Emzoom. The cousin of the Emkoo, but with a smaller body, and styling that is similar to the rest of the “Em” lineup of GAC. The Empow, the Emkoo, and now the Emzoom could make up a triple threat in the market. The Emzoom’s specifications haven’t been revealed just yet, but we think that its engine and transmission will be similar to the Empow’s and the Emkoo’s. As an educated guess, it is a perfect fit for the wording, and as a match to the rest of the lineup. It’s also subcompact, which means that it’s quite a hot body style, currently. So does that mean that it will be the next GAC model in the country? Sources are also pointing to its country of origin, as GAC has dealings in Malaysia to produce cars. However, that will set this model’s launch date way back, April 2024 instead of this year. While the wording holds true to the invite, it seems that production and logistics seem to say otherwise. 

GAC Empow R

Now, on the topic of wishful thinking, we wish that GAC Philippines would bring in the Empow R. No market relevance is required for this guess, it’s just an awesome car that we wish would also “zoom” into the country. 

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