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Compact sedans have been one of the sought after vehicle in the local market due to its size and practicality. It can serve as your daily personal ride and a family car during the weekend. Of note, most sedans can accommodate a small Filipino family of 4 or 5. With that in mind, out of all the models today, there are two compact sedans that can be matched up - the 10th generation Honda Civic and the 2016 Ford Focus.      

Both models have their advantages over the other, but have one thing in common – a relatively small but efficient and powerful turbocharged engine under the hood. For this comparo, we’ll see how their range-topping variants pan out against each other.


The Ford Focus Titanium+ takes this round with a price tag of P1,278,000, which is P120,000 less expensive than the all-new Honda Civic RS Turbo. There is a sizeable gap between the two, but let’s see what the Civic has in store to make up for that price difference.


As mentioned, both cars have 1.5L engines that are relatively small for its segment. Nevertheless, the new engine technology of both brands allowed reduction of displacement without compromising performance.

As a matter of fact, the Focus Titanium+, powered by the new EcoBoost engine, can deliver up to 180 hp and 240 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the turbocharged VTEC powerplant of the Civic RS Turbo can generate 173 hp and 216 Nm.

The Japanese sedan is mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which has been regarded as a better and efficient transmission system due to lack of gear-shifting. However, the huge difference in torque is notable thus, we’re giving this round to the American contender.


The Honda Civic is essentially longer, 275 mm in body and 50 mm in wheelbase, which means that its passengers have more leg room. Meanwhile, the Focus is 24 mm wider and 68 mm higher, giving the people inside more elbow- and head-room.

However, the boot capacity of the Civic is bigger by 7L, so it can carry a little more stuff than the Focus. This makes it the winner for this round.


Both sedans are packed with features for the occupants’ convenience such as electric adjustable seats, leather trims, dual zone automatic climate control, power outlet, among others. However, the Ford Focus has a bigger 8-inch Sony Audio System touch screen head unit with 9 speakers. It also has a SYNC 2 software that allows you to do voice activated functions while driving. With these features, this round goes to the Focus Titanium+.


The Focus and the Civic are almost on the same ground when it comes to safety and technology features. Both vehicles comes with an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), Hill Start Assist, keyless entry, push start button, parking sensors, cruise control, stability control, and a full set of airbags.

Although the Civic has an advantage with its curtain airbag, there is something in the Ford Focus that makes it the winner in this section – the enhanced Active Park Assist. This feature helps the driver when parking. When engaged, the system finds a suitable parking space. Once it has detected a parking space, a notification will appear on the 8-inch infotainment screen. Then, the Active Park Assist will steer by its own and park your vehicle automatically. You just have to control the shifting, braking, and acceleration.


With its more powerful engine, bigger head unit, and tech features, it’s pretty clear that the Ford Focus wins this car comparo. Furthermore, the P120,000 price difference is huge and can be used to buy accessories for the car or for other expenses. 

But if you have an extra cash to spare, owning a Honda Civic isn’t a bad decision since its aggressive and sporty exterior look can make your friends drool over your car. This iconic compact sedan is also on its 10th generation model, which says a lot about its reputation and reliability in the market. 

For the complete comparison details of the models above, check out the AutoDeal Car Comparison Tool.

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