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It was in Malvern, England in the 1900’s, and the dawn of the Machine Age. Many of Britain’s bright minds were basking in the glory of the then newly-invented automobile, and one of them is Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. An employee of the already thriving Great Western Railway, his desire to have his own car for daily use has led him to embark on a new journey as the founder of the now very famous and very luxurious Morgan Motor Company.

Morgan Motor’s early automobile designs are still very much its design philosophy today, proving that one does not need to “go with the flow” in order to gain success. Its first car was the Runabout, an 8hp 1-cylinder 1-seater 3-wheeled “cyclecar”. Classified by the British government as a motorcycle, it was indeed one of the most eye-catching automobiles at that time.

Prior to the brand’s founding in 1910, Frederick Morgan already had that car built for himself 1909 as his daily-ride. After patenting his design, he entered that same car in the 1911 Olympia Motor Exhibition, and what he got was an abundance of admiration and realisation to come up with a 2-seater version, which he immediately conceptualized and mass-produced.

What sets Morgan Motor Company apart from other brands is its philosophy to maintain its original models.

Today, Morgan continues to produce their classic models, with only minor of changes to adapt to today’s tech.

Considered by many around the world as the most elegantly-classic looking automobile brand of today, Morgan finally made its way here in the Philippines last 3rd quarter of 2013. Under the management of the Capitalwise Group, its automotive arm, the White Knight Automobiles is the prestigious British automaker’s only Philippine dealer, finally bestowing Filipino car enthusiasts with the brand’s “classic meets modern” line of luxurious automobiles.

White Knight Automobiles is located at G/F 241 Midway Court Building, EDSA Greenhills, Mandaluyong.

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