Car brand pronunciation

Is it Porsh or Por-sha? This conundrum has been out for ages, and we’ve seen people arguing about it in their free time, in the workplace, during drinking sessions, or even on first dates.

It’s quite natural, though. Every car brand has their own nationality, which also means that their names were made using the native tongue of their creators. And due to the world’s language diversity, it’s expected that the pronunciations would be different depending on the speaker’s mother tongue.

Germany has Volkswagen and BMW, Italy has Ferrari and Lamborghini, Japan has Honda and Toyota, USA has Chevrolet and Ford, and plenty more brands with their countries of origin. You've probably read these names on your own way, but how do you really say them correctly?

To end the debate, here’s a video from the Youtube channel of It shows how to say the brand names, right from the native speakers of the country where the brands were from. After all, who can say those names correctly other than them, right?

Place your bets in.

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