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Parking isn’t every driver’s best suit, as not everyone’s gifted with the skill (and luxury) to park anywhere. There are many types of parking slots, such as diagonal, perpendicular, or parallel. Each has its pros and cons, but they connive in one thing: you need the skill to be able to park.

Now, I remember the first time I tried to park perpendicularly back when I was 17. It was in a session back in the driving school, and honestly, it wasn’t easy. After all, it was relatively my first time behind the wheel and the pressure of an instruction watching my every move was nerve-racking. And let’s not go into the discussion as to how hard it was to parallel park; I’ll just leave this guide here just in case.

Knowing how hard it is to park for beginners, it’s understandable how it would be challenging for anyone. But, nothing compares to the hardships this driver had. Good thing it was caught on this video, so it would be a lesson for everyone.

As you can see, the driver of the Ford Focus side-swiped the adjacent car on its right-rear fender. The damages were awful, and the driver hit the unsuspecting car several times, ultimately taking out the rim cover and incurring several dents and scratches onto the area. It was a grisly scene – not just for the damaged car, but for the driver herself.

Thankfully, the driver was able to get out of the perpendicular slot (after several minutes) but drove away. However, she left the scene without any trace, which means the responsibility for the damages went away with her. I can imagine how the owner of the damaged car would feel when he/she comes back. Hope this video reach the owner of the car so he/she would know who to contact.

So, to you dear reader who’s always having a hard time with parking, my heart goes to you. We all know it’s a daunting task. It’s just a matter of practice, and please don’t do what the driver in the video did and you’ll be fine.

Plus, if ever you incurred any damages to an unmanned vehicle, learn how to take responsibility. Just remember the Golden Rule: “Treat people the way you'd like to be treated.”

We just have one problem, though – it’s 2018 and someone out there is still shooting a video vertically.

Source: ViralHog via Youtube

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