LTO to consider removing online exam for driver's license renewal

Reports have been going around that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is considering abolishing the Land Transporation Management System (LTMS) or the government agency’s online portal. To rectify this situation, the agency has just released a statement to make some clarifications.

The LTO has stated that it aims to bolster its online operations while increasing its efforts to battle fixers. It, however, has set the record straight by saying that the abolishing of the LTMS is currently not an option for them. Instead what they plan to do is remove the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) online validation exam for driver’s license renewals. 

LTO chief Teofilo Guadiz III has shared that fixers are using the online CDE exam to help motorists renew their licenses by taking the exams for them while charging money for the service at the same time. The government agency has already created a technical working group that will aim to formulate procedures on how to deal with these fixers.

If the abolishment of the online driver’s license renewal exam goes through it may be harder for motorists to renew their licenses with them having to physically go to an LTO branch near them to complete the process. On the other hand, it is a step in the right direction to ensure that everyone takes their exams and that no one qualified to drive is driving on public roads without the proper knowledge. For now, it's a waiting game to see what the LTO will do next and see if they will remove the online license renewal exam or not. 

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