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If you spend any amount of time on the roads within the Metro Manila area, you’ll have seen a Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) officers stationed at key points along major roads and intersections. In essence, they represent the enforcement arm of the MMDA when it comes to traffic flow and the apprehension of lawbreaking road users and pedestrians. It’s a tough job, and they have their work cut out for them since the MMDA has been doubling their efforts in keeping everyone disciplined.

With the traffic and number of vehicles on the road these days, and the generous sprinkling of irresponsible and undisciplined motorists, the MMDA has been trying to keep on top of things through regular announcements of traffic enforcement and route guidelines, while being as transparent as possible. The boys in blue have either waved you on, or have at least flagged you down at one point in time. It’s not an if, it’s a when; we’re all prone to missing that one traffic sign or staying in the bus lane too long.

MMDA officer

Once you have been flagged down, it pays to know whether the officer is a model MMDA member, and the agency has actually released a neat infographic letting the public know how to easily identify their enforcers. Aside from having the needed identification card, name patch, and necessary department patches, there’s a lot more to a neat and proper MMDA enforcer uniform. A key item needed on every enforcer is their mission order. This contains their area of responsibility, work schedule, functions, and any special enforcement policies that he may be implementing for the day. You may freely ask this from any MMDA officer, and they are obliged to hand you the paper.

No matter what happens, always remember to be nice to these guys, cause they could cut you a break and let you off with a warning. After sitting under the sun and inhaling pollution, it’s a thankless job while we sit in our cars on our way to work, and these guys have to do this every day. Oh, and remember to follow the rules to avoid having to explain yourself to them in the first place.

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