Lexus GS F

Drifting, the art of making your car look like it's out of control but it is not, pretty much will satisfy anyone's adrenaline – both bystanders and the driver. It's a foreign artform that pays homage to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, where car drivers took driving to its extreme limit and blew the world over. Yup, it's the Japs who introduced the world to another world – car drifting. 

However, it didn't take long before drifting took over the world, and cars (even the ones you wouldn't have imagined drifting) are being modified to do so. But, say you got a chance to juggle three car keys by your very hand—Toyota 86's (Initial D-inspired), BMW M2's, and Lexus GS F's—wouldn't you get intrigued as to which one's the drift king on a tight circuit and in its purest form?

Well, say no more as London-based online car-buying platform Carwow and its host Mat Watson did the job and saved you the expenses for new sets of rubber. For this three-way face off, Carwow used a Racelogic-branded device which displays the car's peak angle as it drifts. So, the battle here is about which car will achieve more rear slip angle.  

Before you watch the video, it's not a well-kept secret that this lineup isn't as balanced as how you would expect a competitive match-up is. However, Carwow is known for “awkward hagglings” (as how they say it), which explains the imbalanced competition. In addition, these models you're about to see go slide around the drift arena are the best in the business, as claimed by the website.

Besides, it's for the love of drifting and it's pretty entertaining to watch, so, why not? Now that you're itching to know which drifts better than the others, here's what Carwow thinks.


Toyota 86 (200 hp out of a 2-liter flat-four) 

1st run: 31 degrees 

2nd run: 25 degrees 

Average score: 28 

BMW M2 (365 hp out of a 3-liter in-line 6) 

1st run: 27 degrees 

2nd run: 26 degrees 

Average score: 26.5 

Lexus GS F (480 hp out of a 5-liter V8) 

1st run: 50 degrees 

2nd run (short corner): 26 degrees  

Average score: 38 (short-circuit best drifter

Some people on the comments blame the Lexus GS F's dimensions, saying that it will undoubtedly snatch the win due to its longer wheelbase. While this one is somehow true, there are still tons of factors to consider like suspension system and tire material. However, I think it would also be exciting to see the Lexus GS F take something of its size, wouldn't it? 

Source: CarWow

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