Morgan EV3

The British carmaker Morgan has set its 1st ever electric vehicle (EV) called the EV3 for production in 2018. It’s a quirky-looking 3-wheeled open-top roadster that will have a range of 193 km on a single charge.

Its futuristic design that pays homage to the brand’s past is the work of Morgan’s Chief Designer Jonathan Wells. It takes inspiration from 1930’s aero-engine race cars, classic motorcycles, and 1950’s fantasy automatons.

Powering this “sports car” will be a 21 kWh (around 29 hp) lithium-ion battery built by Frazer-Nash, the same company behind London’s 1st all-electric taxi Metrocab. It will send all this energy to the ground via its rear wheel. Yes, you can drift this thing.

The EV3 will be built using composite carbon panels made in the United Kingdom (UK) while the other parts will be hand-worked over an ash wood frame. According to Morgan, this will reduce its weight to less than 500 kg — that's around 200-kg lighter than the Suzuki Alto and the Hyundai EON.

Production of the EV3 will begin late 2018 in the UK. As of this writing, there’s no official word if it would be available in the Philippines and how much it would cost. It’s expected, however, to be listed near its gas-powered counterpart, which is priced at around P1.7-million (according to FIA Formula E). Would you like to drive this little bundle of joy? We know we do.

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