10 items to buy when you get your first car

You did it! You’ve finally saved enough money and bought your first brand new car. As a first-time owner, you’ll probably storm to the auto parts store or make an online purchase of some items for it. Aside from those old-fashioned air fresheners, there are some other things you must get for your first car that should be essential during your ownership phase. 

Car cover

Having a car cover holds several benefits. Aside from protecting its paint job from damaging weather, it also lessens the chances of dents, dings, and scratches. Plus, it should also help maintain the cleanliness of its exterior, since it shields the car from dust and other particles that can ruin its look. Not all car owners have access to a shaded garage, that’s why some would buy it for added protection from natural hazards.

Car air purifier

The smell of lemon, lavender, or any other kind of air freshener doesn’t please all noses. That’s why if your smell is sensitive or if you have an allergy, then you’re better off getting an air purifier. What it does is improves the air quality inside your car, allowing it to achieve a cleaner and healthier environment.

Dash camera

Accidents can happen on the road anytime, and despite being a responsible motorist, there is still a slight chance that you might encounter an unfortunate situation. That said, we highly recommend that you buy a dash camera in order to properly document an accident. So if ever you need proof or evidence for the police report, then your dashcam has the incident all recorded. 

Car Phone Holder

Not all cars come standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or any other screen mirroring apps, that’s why it’s still advisable to purchase a phone holder. This should allow drivers to easily access and navigation data among other things on their phones while on the go. Drivers often use this to check traffic updates and the fastest route from Google Maps or Waze. Then again, it’s not safe to use your phone while driving, so you better set up your map in advance or find a nice spot to stop on when you need to go through your phone.

Cargo mat

Keeping your car clean inside and out is a must, that’s why purchasing a cargo mat should help protect your loading area from dirt, water, or any other particles that can make it dirty. Moreover, its extra layer of cushioning better secures fragile items as you transport them, therefore preventing them from slipping and sliding around while driving your car.

Trunk organizer

From the name itself, a trunk organizer should keep your cargo area organized. This item has a bunch of pockets where you can store your car essentials, allowing you to properly manage the available space on your trunk.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Always keep the tire pressure gauge inside your car in order for you to monitor the PSI rating of your tires anywhere. This should be essential if there’s no sight of a gas station nearby. Remember, your car’s tire pressure should vary depending on the load of your vehicle.

Portable tire pump

If you find out that your tires are underinflated, you can use the portable tire inflator to increase or decrease its pressure accordingly. Some of these pumps also come with a tire pressure gauge so you can check and inflate your tires if you cannot find any nearby gas station.

Portable jump starter

You’ll unlikely be using the jump starter on your car granted that it’s still new. Though as years will pass, there might be a slight chance that it could suddenly die on the road or maybe it won’t start as you plan to leave the parking lot given its dead battery. With that, we highly recommend that you purchase a portable jump starter which should allow you to start your car without the assistance of others.

Car toolset

On top of these items, you should also have a car tool set kept inside your vehicle. You can buy this at any auto parts store, hardware, or even online. It’s important to get a set that will match what you want to do with the car. Lighter sets will allow you to do smaller tasks like changing the battery yourself, but more specialized sets are required if you need to do a little more heavy lifting. Also, most cars already come with a tool kit to at least change a flat tire. 

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