Valentine's day drive

Let this be a gentle reminder for all the misters and misses, boyfriends and girlfriends, and soon-to-be lovers, that Valentine’s day is fast approaching. It’s time to start making plans with your significant other (SO), but where do you take them? A nice dinner is good, but pretty much everyone does that at this point. 

Whether you’re confessing to your long time crush or spending Valentine’s with your long-time partner, this list is for you. Here are a few date ideas that you can drive to around or out of the Metro that is more unique than a movie and some fancy food. 


This is a great way to find out if your date has a killer instinct. It is also a good place where you can find out if your partner is mindful, takes safety seriously, and can follow instructions. If it is your first time to take him or her out on the range, then you might want to hire an instructor. This activity can get expensive, so prepare a good amount of money for the lessons, gun rental, range rental, and ammunition. 

A quick Google search reveals that there are a few locations in Metro Manila such as Stronghand Shooting Range in Quezon City which also provide lessons as well. 


Have you ever watched those movies where the hero tugs on a bow and shoots down enemies with pin-point accuracy? It’s harder than it looks, but it can serve as a very good learning experience for you and your date. Archery is not as expensive, and some ranges offer packages and even instruction. 

Googling archery will reveal Gandiva, Arrowland, and Ongbunto archery. The first two ranges are located in Mandaluyong, and the other is in Taguig. 


Remember those jungle gyms back when you were younger? Try that but with trampolines. There are many activities that you can do with your date here. You can try to one-up one another by trying to jump as high as you can, perhaps play some one-on-one, or even go through obstacle courses. 

You can head on over to Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong, Jumpyard in Pasig, or Bounce Philippines in Quezon City. 

Wall Climbing

Maybe you want to be like Peter Parker and scale a vertical wall with your Mary Jane. Rock climbing is definitely not as easy as it looks, and it can also be quite scary for some people. With proper instruction and equipment, you can make good on your entry fee and reach the top, ideally, with your date doing the same. 

Your options for rock climbing include Climb Central in Mandaluyong, The Bouldering Hive in Makati, Edge Climbing Gym in Pasig, Power Up in Quezon City, Maic’s Gym Marikina, and Camp Sandugo in Taguig.


Maybe a trip out of the city is a good idea, especially if you’re into the great outdoors. Hiking is essentially nature walking, and there’s plenty of room for pleasant conversations with your date as well as sweet moments on the way to the top, or at the top. For newbie hikers, take a guide with you. 

You can pretty much hike anywhere there is a mountain, but to point you in the right direction, you can go to Pico De Loro in Batangas, Mt. Balagbag in Rizal, or even Mount Pinatubo. 


Another extreme sport that can be a great bonding experience for you and your partner – or it can cause a bit of friction if you’re on the opposing team. In this scenario, we suggest that you bring other couples or friends with you so you can group up into teams. Please take note that getting hit by a paintball hurts, so if you are very averse to pain, we suggest laser tag. 

We mentioned archery and wall-climbing earlier, and there is a place that offers paintball on top of the other two options we just mentioned. Global Gutz in Taguig came out after a quick Google search and maybe worth your attention. 

Go Karts

While taking your car out to the race track is fun, when you want to take your date out on a laid-back racing experience, go-karting is a fun way to play around at low speeds. It can still be dangerous though, so be safe. You can learn a lot about a person based on the way he or she drives, and for sure there is fun to be had on the track. 

City Kart in Circuit Makati will be able to address all your needs. After karting, you can head over to the mall and eat dinner. 


We’re getting mellow here for the last few ideas. Perhaps you and your date aren’t that outgoing and prefer more relaxing activities. There are several painting-related activities around Metro Manila that also involve a partner. After a session, you can compare artworks, and maybe even hang them up. 

For a relaxing time, try Sip and Gogh which can be found in Makati, Pasig, Alabang, and Quezon City. The concept is that painting brings joy and relaxation to anyone. You can also enjoy a drink while you’re laying marks on the canvas. 

Cooking Class

They say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime, though no promises on loyalty. Cooking classes are a good way to bond and learn about a skill that shouldn’t be limited to one gender. After this class, think of this as an investment, and a lead into our last idea. 

The Cookery Place has options for couples to go and enjoy a class together. You can learn to cook a full course meal which includes the appetizer, salad, main dish, and dessert. The Cookery Place can be found in Taguig City. 

Stay in

Think about it, you don’t have to go out, make a reservation, brave hellish traffic, spend an extra hour finding parking, and finally making your way home through hellish traffic once again. Hear us out, just don’t go out on Valentine’s day. Beat everyone to the punch, and celebrate early, so when the day does rollover, all you have to do relax and eat a home-cooked meal, turn up the Netflix, cuddle up, and let all your worries fade away. The best part? It’s pretty much free. 

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