4 mistakes people do before buying their first car

Owning a car isn’t something that should be decided in a snap. It’s a huge financing investment that costs some hard-earned cash and should be well-thought of. However, some people still push through with their purchase without thinking twice, or even thrice.

That’s why we listed the things that new car buyers shouldn’t do before they make their first purchase. This will serve as your guide before you give your wallet a huge beating.

Not an informed decision

"I’m a car expert.” Your existing knowledge about a car brand or model may hold true for the time being, however, its validity may change over time. Technology is continuously evolving, and cars are part of that trend. Therefore, always research and verify everything you know.

Buying a car without doing your research can lead to a biased choice, which can be prevented by reading recent reviews and articles. This can also give you some insight about the model before shelling out your hard-earned cash. Check out the news section of the AutoDeal Car Guide to see what’s written about the car that you want to buy.

Did not opt to test drive

"Test drive is for dimwits!" Aside from reading articles and reviews, one of the best ways to gauge if the car is fit for you is to test the car yourself. And no, test drives are not for dimwits because on the contrary, it’s really a smart move.

The lightness of the steering wheel, the comfort of the driver seat, and the way the pedals were positioned are just few of the factors that depend on the driver’s preference. You can’t readily judge these by just looking at pictures or reading an article about the vehicle. The AutoDeal Car Guide has an option for you to schedule a test drive right at your fingertips.

Impulsive buying

"I'll buy this car today." Even if you have the moolah to instantly buy a car, it doesn’t mean you have to buy one right away. There are other costs like car registration, fuel, and monthly amortization that should be considered first, as well as other priorities that could enter while you’re in a long term commitment of owning a car.

Buying a car impulsively can lead to regrets, especially when you change your mind after you’ve already made the purchase. It will be a waste of time and money, which you can’t take back in full in case you decide to resell.

Did not consider car maintenance

"Car maintenance isn't really a big deal." Unless the preventive maintenance service from your car dealer covers the cost of parts and services, your car still needs attention from your wallet even if you’ve already paid for it in full.

Moreover, accidents can happen, which can break the bank if your insurance company somehow doesn’t cover the expenses. So, no, car maintenance is a big deal and should always be considered when buying a car.

We can’t iterate it further but purchasing a new car is an important decision to make, more so if it’s your first time to buy one. Take your time and do your research, read articles, ask a relative or a trusted friend, and keep yourself in the know so your purchase won’t turn into regret.

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