5 things we like about the MG RX5

The MG RX5 is the brand’s entry to the compact crossover segment. While the ZS serves as the smaller and more affordable option, the RX5, on the other hand, boasts larger dimensions along with a mightier engine, traits which therefore equate to a more practical approach than its subcompact sibling. Despite its stretched dimensions and added equipment, the RX5 ranges at an affordable price range, and there are indeed lots of things to love on this crossover. In fact, we’ve managed to make a list of 5 things we like about the MG RX5, this should somewhat help you decide if this compact crossover does fit your taste and needs as a buyer. So without further ado, let’s proceed.

2019 MG RX5 exterior quarter rear Philippines

Beauty is indeed subjective, and it does depend on the eye of the beholder. Some might appreciate designs with radical treatment, while some believe that simple yet cleanly executed exteriors should age gracefully over time, and that’s actually the case with the RX5. Upon observing, the overall body styling of this compact crossover lean towards basic, yet, it does not offend, as it’s clean profile gives a hint of elegance that’s achieved in a simplistic manner. 

2020 MG RX5 interior dashboard Philippines

Stepping inside the RX5 welcomes you with a well-laid-out interior that is blessed with fine applications of soft-touch materials and other accents which further heighten the overall execution of the cabin. The center stack is cleverly designed, with the infotainment screen properly integrated along with good-quality buttons for the air conditioning system. Notably, other variants of the RX5 feature leather upholstered seats for added finesse and comfort.

2020 MG RX5 Interior cargo area Philippines

The majority of those who buy a crossover often expect space, space for passengers, and more importantly, for their precious items. That said, the MG RX5 gets a cavernous cargo area that boasts 595 liters of space. Now, the said figure can be maximized by up to 1,639 liters by simply folding the second-row seats, this should easily accommodate longer items like golf clubs or balikbayan boxes.

2020 MG RX5 interior infotainment system Philippines

Brands have been stepping up with their infotainment systems, as this serves as one of those key considerations of most buyers during today’s age. Phone integration has been utilized by many drivers nowadays, that said, MG blesses the RX5’s 8-inch infotainment system 8-inch touchscreen has standard Apple CarPlay, therefore allowing Apple users to seamlessly pair their device and access necessary applications while on cruise. Now, the said infotainment system is then accompanied by a 6-speaker sound system, therefore delivering that needed in-car entertainment experience.

2020 MG RX5 exterior badge Philippines

The compact crossover segment is filled with such competitive options, but what sets the MG RX5 among the rest is its well-equipped approach that’s achieved in a rather affordable price tag. This compact crossover is composed of three trim levels, namely the Core, which is the sole MT option of its variant lineup, the Style which is the entryway to the automatic territory, and the range-topping Alpha. Prices affordably range from P1,058,000 up to P1,298,000.

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