The MG4 EV offers good value, simple design, and efficient performance.

From the brand that we used to associate with classic sports cars, MG is now into making electric cars as well. Ever since SAIC, a big company from China, took over, MG has started to stand out for creating good yet really affordable electric vehicles, with the MG4 EV being their latest creation. The MG4 EV follows in the footsteps of models like the MG 5 and ZS EV since MG seems to be really taking the electric car-making path seriously.


The MG4 EV is made to be like and to compete with popular models, such as the Volkswagen ID.3, which makes it look more like a hatchback rather than an SUV. It has a modern style with clear lines. The Trophy versions are even more eye-catching, with different roof colors and cool design touches like special spoilers and lights, which makes the MG4 EV a bit more special than the others.

The MG4 EV comes with three battery options, depending on what you need and prefer. The Standard Range model is supplied with a 51kWh battery, providing a real-world range of approximately 190 miles, as per the official WLTP figure of 217 miles. For those who are feeling more adventurous and are seeking more range, the Long Range version features a 64kWh battery, giving you 281 miles in the SE specification and 270 miles in the Trophy model. In 2023, MG introduced the Extended Range variant with a 77kWh battery, bragging an impressive range of up to 323 miles. 


Upon entering the MG4 EV, passengers are greeted with a stylish and spacious interior. The dashboard adopts an open-plan design, featuring two screens - one for driver information and the other for the touchscreen infotainment system. MG's decision to use physical buttons for the infotainment system, rather than the more modern haptic switches, definitely adds to the ease of use while driving. There is sufficient room for rear passengers, and the boot has a capacity of 363 liters, which, while average in size, is well-shaped for daily use.

Regarding charging, the MG4 EV is made for rapid charging, with the 51kWh version accepting up to 117kW and the 64kWh version up to 135kW. The 77kWh models, including XPower and Extended Range, can charge at even higher rates, with the Extended Range model accepting up to 144kW. On the road, the MG4 EV presents an interesting driving experience, featuring sharper steering compared to the MG5 and ZS. However, it doesn't quite reach the driving dynamics of the Volkswagen ID.3 or the Cupra Born, but there's no need to fret as it still makes for a friendly driving experience, perfect for your everyday rides.

Here comes the best (and, frankly, surprising) part! The MG4 EV Standard is priced at just ₱1,468,888, and the MG4 EV Lux at ₱1,738,888. These figures are quite competitive, especially considering the prices of many other cars, including other electric models from MG. Yet, despite the lower price tag, the MG4 EV doesn't skimp on the technical features you would expect from a modern electric vehicle.

So, yes, the MG4 EV could come as a shock as it lets you have all the said features without breaking the bank. With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing in the country, it would feel illegal not to consider the MG4 EV as one of the options. If you're interested in other MG models, you can look at their full lineup at AutoDeal and get a quote for the car you want.

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