New Cars Coming to the Philippines in 2024

Last year was rather spectacular. There were a ton of interesting cars, interesting shows, and interesting launches that transpired, but like a kid in a candy store, we couldn’t help but want more and more each time. Last year, manufacturers entertained or doubled down on the EV revolution in the Philippines, and so too for the forrays into the hybrid segment. 

The Philippines got a good dose of electrification last year and we’re hopeful that the trend will continue. There are still brands that are holding out, but there are some that are moving forward with the times. Other brands still are going for their more coveted nameplates, and thanks to some rumors planted last year, we’re certain that some of these entries may be coming sooner than you think. 

Ford Mustang

Number 20, we’re starting with an exciting one. While we did like the Mustang in its current form with the five-oh and the ten-speed automatic, with a drop-top version, this one might as well be the brand’s last hurrah for its gasoline-only V8 do watch out for it in 2024, and we do hope that Ford Philippines will give us a go in their newest pony car. 

Toyota Vios

We’re so familiar with the current Vios that we hope Toyota gives us a new one and there are rumors that the next-generation model will finally come next year. Hopefully. No confirmations at this time yet, but there are other countries with this new model. And get this, a few murmurs around the industry also state that we will continue to see the GR-S model. 

Land Cruiser Prado

If you’re familiar with the FJ Cruiser, then transpose that design language, turn up the modern a bit more, but keep that retro theme going, and you get this gorgeous full-size SUV, the Prado. We’re not sure if it will even come in 2024, but we’re searching high and low for any rumors about its launch. 

BYD Seagull

BYD is looking to be the next big EV brand in the country, and we’re going to pin our hopes on BYD to bring in a slew of affordable and approachable models for the Philippine market. The Seagull is one of them, and we’ve been tipped off that the Seagull will be coming to the Philippines. The front looks like a mini Lamborghini that’s electric. It’s so cute and cool and the best part is the price. The BYD Seagull is rumored to go under P1,000,000, and with Filipinos becoming more and more open to electric vehicles, perhaps this would be a golden goose of sorts for BYD in the country. 

Kia Seltos

Technically, this car was already launched, but since it is the end of the year, we’re expecting the new Seltos to officially “arrive” on Philippine roads and in the hands of drivers really soon. Key updates and price changes brought back quite a bit of interest to the nameplate and while it is generally the same, the fact that Kia put a 1.5-liter turbo in this thing gets us a bit excited given that there will be a good serving of torque on tap. 

Kia EV5

Speaking of Kia, in addition to the Seltos update, the brand has also confirmed the arrival of the EV5 sometime in 2024. The crossover counterpart to the elegant EV6, we have high hopes about what Kia has to offer with this model. If its bigger brother is anything to go by, we’re expecting a good amount of torque, a good amount of power, and a lot of luxury to go along with it. 

Kia Sportage

You know, we don’t have a definite word on this, so consider it an educated guess. We reckon that it will come out in 2024, but is that a bit of wishful thinking? Anyway, so a diesel engine we would like, space will be a given for this compact crossover, but we haven’t seen the new design in the Philippines yet, or have we? We cannot say that Kia is planning something just yet, but you could say that one of the models that are in dire need of an update is the Sportage, and that is a car that we’re itching to see with a new look. 


N is an important letter in Hyundai’s alphabet, but it will be exceedingly important for the Philippines next year. Hyundai stated that they’re bringing in an N model in 2024, and we don’t know what it is. During its year-end presentation, the South Korean brand showed us an image of its IONIQ 5 N and I’d like to bet that the performance EV will be the one we’ll see first. Perhaps more will come, but for now, it appears that the IONIQ 5 N would be the most likely candidate from the brand. 

Hyundai Santa Fe

Continuing with Hyundai, while the N car or cars will be exciting next year, we’re looking heavily into the next-generation Santa Fe. We’re definitely going to line up to drive this car, and with that design, we will fight tooth and nail to get our hands on this thing and give it a proper review. 

Subaru Outback

It was hinted by other credible sources in the industry that a remarkable upgrade to the Subaru Outback will come in 2024. A 2.4-liter turbocharged version of the crossover will come and it will get 260 hp and 375 Nm of torque, and we liked the Outback, but oh boy we might like it even more with more power. 

NIssan X-Trail

This is one of the models that we’re hoping and praying for. Nissan has done well with the e-POWER platform with the Kicks. One of our top picks in the subcompact crossover segment and other electrified options in the market today, we cannot wait for the Kicks’ bigger brother to reach the Philippines. Imagine, the drive of the kicks with more space. We feel that the X-Trail has a chance. People still remember the model, and you can still some some older generations puttering around town and still ticking. Now, if that were to come with an electric motor charged via a gasoline engine, Nissan could have yet another winner on its hands. 

Nissan Ariya

So at the tail end of the 2023 season, Nissan still had the LEAF. While that was a good car, we’re still waiting for the next big EV from the Japanese brand. Our money is on the Nissan Ariya. Jack got to drive it in Japan, lucky, and he thoroughly enjoyed it going up and down the mountains of Hakone. The Ariya is going to be a flagship for Nissan here in the Philippines, similar to what the high-end EVs are doing for the other brands. With a progressive design and a ton of new and interesting features for the platform, it’ll be interesting to see when and how Nissan will launch this. 

MG One

MG Philippines had one last hurrah towards the end of 2023, and it unveiled a new crossover that will come to its lineup in the not-too-distant future. Confirmed for 2024, the MG One will come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and it will feature MG’s newest design language. It’s definitely going to follow the MG formula, which is to say that it will have a spacious and stylish cabin that’s all augmented by an eye-catching exterior design. MG Philippines already has these cars in the country, so it’s only a matter of time before we actually see the model at dealerships. 

MG Cyberster

The next car on the list, however, eclipsed the One by a long shot. We’re not saying that the MG One was a bad-looking car, but the MG Cyberster unveiled alongside it and slated for 2024? Jack, I’m calling dibs on this car when it’s ready for a review. It’s electric, it has scissor doors, and it looks so darned good. This will also be MG’s hero car in the lineup. We’re expecting it to be expensive, but definitely worth at least a look. Being an all-electric car, it will also be one of the first high-performance models that the Philippines will receive. 

GAC M6 Pro

GAC’s not slowing down, and after a stellar year in 2023, the brand is gearing up to take over a few more segments with another batch of names. There are two, and the first that we will mention is the GAC M6 Pro, a seven-seater MPV that can come with captains’ chairs. It was previewed at the end of the year, but it seems like what’s really getting us excited about this thing for next year is the fact that it’ll start at 1.2 million Philippine pesos according to the brand. 


Alongside the MPV, another GAC was previewed towards the end of 2023. The GAC M8 is basically a lounge on wheels and you know, while we were super excited about seeing this car, we were hung off a cliff by GAC during the unveiling because the doors were locked. Still, we got a few shots of it in China, and the model looks really good to drive and ride in. Now the question is, what spec did GAC Philippines get? 

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki debuted the redesign of the new Swift at the Tokyo Mobility Show, and it was met with quite a bit of fanfare. There is still love for little hatches. It’s definitely something to look forward to, but it’s really not the most exciting Suzuki slated for next year. Though there is no confirmation just yet, it appears that the Japanese brand has something else it would like to introduce first before this quirky five-door hatch. 

Suzuki Jimny 5Door

We all love the Suzuki Jimny, and the internet absolutely blew up when spy shots of the Jimny Five-door were posted online. In fact, it also sent a few shivers down the spines of the team at AutoDeal. Get this, the spy shots were taken here so a launch is imminent. 

Peugeot e2008

Previewed at MIAS 2023, the all-electric subcompact crossover was given an unveiling at one of the shows, and while it looks like the e2008 looks like the 2008, we’re thinking that driving this will be a totally new experience, okay maybe not totally new, but electric and the brand’s first-ever EV in the country. 


Now, Omoda will be a new brand to look out for in 2024 and the headlining model will be the OMODA 5 while the market is quite saturated with crossover after crossover, this one has a unique design that could perhaps make some heads turn. We got to drive this thing in China, and the brand told us that they’re just about ready to launch. Perhaps 2024 will be their year. 


The sister brand to OMODA is also coming, and they’re looking to make a splash with the JAECOO 7. A more rugged but still rather elegant, it will have an interesting interior and exterior design and it will also come with a powertrain that can go off-road. 

Changan S7

Another electric car that was shown to us in 2023 but is slated for a launch in 2024 is the all-electric Changan S7. Again, it was previewed, but the design of this particular EV is pretty wild. The screen tilts either toward the driver or the passenger and it is tan everywhere. As for the size of it, it’s one of the bigger EVs out there with five seats so when it does launch, it will be hard to miss for sure. 

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