Suzuki Ertiga 5 things we like

The Suzuki Ertiga is possibly one of the best deals in the small MPV segment today. The vehicle is a success story from Suzuki Philippines (SPH), which owes 30% of its total sales in 2018 to the Ertiga nameplate. It’s a value-oriented vehicle that can give you a lot for quite a bit less. 

You’ll like the Ertiga when you’re on a budget and looking for seven-seats with a ride that’s pliant enough to get you across bumps without too much drama. So let’s go over a few things that we like about this small MPV from Suzuki

5 things we like about the Suzuki Ertiga 

One of the best things that the Ertiga has in its arsenal can be found in the price list. It is very accessible for the features you’re looking for. You won’t see the price go over the P1,000,000 for a unit, making it one of the best deals in the market today. 

5 things we like about the Suzuki Ertiga 

Suzuki has a way with its interiors in affordable cars. The Ertiga is definitely built to a price point, but the interior doesn’t show that it is thanks to Suzuki’s brand of plastics coupled with interior trim pieces that give dimension to the dashboard. You also get a choice between a lighter-colored interior or a darker-colored interior, depending on your budget or your acclimation to a particular color palate. 

5 things we like about the Suzuki Ertiga 

It goes without saying, but the Suzuki Ertiga is one of the class-leading MPVs thanks to its value for money. What is less-known to consumers is that the small MPV comes with big space all around. The middle row is naturally spacious, but the third row is surprisingly roomy, even with the second row’s rails fully extended back. There is enough room for smaller individuals at the back; move the middle row forward, and occupants in the third row will be spoiled. 

5 things we like about the Suzuki Ertiga 

That 10-inch infotainment system is definitely a sight to behold, especially since it features so prominently in the center of the dash. While it may not have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it makes up for it with its sheer size. 

5 things we like about the Suzuki Ertiga 

Even without a CVT transmission, the K15B engine – as found in the new Suzuki Jimny – returned impressive fuel efficiency figures during the review period. The Ertiga was able to achieve figures that were quite impressive. As per the review, the small MPV was able to net a value of 9.4 km/L in traffic, while getting an impressive 15.1 km/L on faster stints and 20.8 km/L on the highway. 

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