5 things you're doing that's ruining your car paint

Taking care of your car paint is important if you are trying to preserve the looks of your car. It isn't just a regular splash-wipe-dry process that involves water and a 'Good Morning' towel. Rather, you must know the right cleaning materials and compounds, as well as when exactly is ‘regularly’.

Some people, despite performing the right procedures at regular times, would suddenly find car paint deterioration. These shouldn’t surprise you like an unsolved mystery. As mentioned, the littlest things you do can ruin your car paint when done improperly – and seems like it isn't just about washing and waxing your vehicle.

Here, we rundown the five things that you're probably doing unknowingly but slowly destroying your car's flawless paint.

Most drivers are guilty of this – letting drips of fuel run down your fender as the gas station attendant pulls the pump out. Get this clear: gasoline, even oil or any oil-based liquid, can ruin your paint job if you let it sit there, and forget to wash it immediately. 

If the car isn't waxed, you'd have to deal with the notorious gasoline residue that would later on eat your paint. So, if you want to dodge this misery, try washing the spilled gas off your car at the exact moment that it happens. You could also get your car waxed regularly and be observant every time you fill up.

You get bug stains during hours of long drives and bird poop while parking on an open area. Unfortunate as it may that your car looks like a bug cemetery and an aviary restroom, the fact is that it also ruins your car paint. Don't just say “rest in peace" every time you see dead bugs on your hood; why not wash it off immediately? 

What’s the rush? Well, when bug juice (okay, bug’s blood) dries up on your paint, the acid found in them would actually and slowly eat your paint. Also, as they turn rock solid, the dried bug splatters—same goes with bird dung—that got stuck on the surface of the car paint are hard to wipe off. And when you get to finally clean it, there’s a high chance of chipping off your car paint while in the process. Yikes.

You may or may not be artistic but your car isn't the best medium to practice your inner Da Vinci. Creativity aside, you might perhaps think that writing "wash me" on your dusty car would help remind you to clean it each time you walk up to your car. Has it been working? Eh, good for you if it does, but scribbling on dusted portion of your car isn't the best idea if you hope to keep your car paint intact.

Come on, it's like you’re grinding sand grains over your car paint, only that dust particles are smaller. If your car could cry, we believe it has been crying for a long time. Go and have your car washed. And, if in case you need a reminder, go post-it style or set it on your smartphone's reminder.

It was fun, right? You were with your friends, surfed, chilled, got drunk the night, and got sun-kissed. Well, can you recall how many times your car had gotten wet with saltwater? You probably even had surfboards on top of your car, which were wet the moment you loaded them.

Uh-oh, looks like you've just exposed your paint to doomsday just because the salt content of ocean water can ruin your paint job. So, the next time you go to the beach, avoid splashing your car with sea water or else, you need find time for a new paint job.

Unless you're getting your car tanned—which you probably aren't—don't practice the habit of parking your car under the sun. The heat from the sun will make your paint fade over a long period of time, and after repeatedly parking your car on an uncovered spot. While you might protest that it's inevitable to park under the sun, it would be best to find a shade as much as possible. 

If you don't have any more garage space to squeeze in one of your car, you could try visiting your local hardware and buy a nylon car cover. Not only does it protect your car from the heat of the sun, it also protects it from coin and pet scratches.

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