Car paint protection: is it worth buying?

Car paint protection comes in different types, with each one providing different protective capabilities. The most common of all are the wax and sealant types, while the more expensive ones are the ceramic and protection film. However, this article isn’t about cheap and expensive protective coating. Rather, we’re here to find out if these things really are worth it no matter how cheap, or expensive, they are.

First of all, what protective coating does is that it takes care of your car’s paint and keeps it away from the damaging effects of weather conditions. Waxes and sealants are considered old technologies, as they are proven to have a low melting point. Wax and sealant also don’t hold up to chemicals, which means it could easily be washed off using certain car shampoos. The more expensive ceramic and protection film are today’s biggest thing, as they hold longer and are tough enough to withstand abuse.

The point here is that, is it really worth what you’re paying for? Of course, paint protection products aren’t designed just to fool us by having to spend extra money. They are really meant to do the job because often than not, we tend to sometimes neglect our duty to protect our cars and overlook stuff that ruin the paint. Car paints, when not taken care of properly, fade in time due to regular exposure to certain weather conditions, as well as get damaged by third-party elements such as stones and rainwater during drives. 

While it appears to be extremely helpful, car paint protectors are merely an easier option from having to regularly wash and polish your car. You may have already gotten the hint by now but let us explain it a bit further.

Ever heard of Paint & Corrosion Warranty? Some car manufacturers or local dealerships offer this as part of the Basic Warranty coverage. However, surface corrosion from stone chips or damages caused by the environment is not covered. This is why paint protections are being offered as part of the deal when you're picking up your brand new car. This is optional and is considered as a luxury for some drivers. What you can do, if you are on a tight budget, is to regularly wash and polish your car. This way, you can preserve your car paint without having to spend extra for both the paint protection product and its application on your car.

We also have to point out that there’s a slight misconception about car paint protection coatings. One myth about it, especially for ceramic or film type paint protections, is that it makes your car scratch proof. Well, part of it is true, as it helps you avoid mild scratches on your paint but it does only mean that your car is scratch resistant. It only resists minor causes of scratches and that’s all. Don’t interchange resistance to proof, both have entirely different meanings. 

Our verdict? Based on the insights we had from people with first-hand experience on car paint protections, availing for car paint protection is a luxury. It goes down to whether you can afford it; if you have a budget for it, extra paint protection shouldn’t be a bad thing. However, it is not a requirement nor an obligation. Just know the proper ways to maintain your car paint and be mindful of elements that can ruin it. Don’t forget to regularly wash your car, as extensive exposure to ultraviolet and rain water could damage your paint.

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